Gold Beach Chiropractic | Dr. Jen Wilhelm, DC


We CARE for the whole person, we CARE to make a difference.


Dr. Jen is passionate about helping people transform their relationship with their body. Most of the time we wait until something is wrong before we do something to empower our bodies’ innate ability to heal itself. It’s very much like, waiting until our car is smoking on the side of the road before we take it to the mechanic. We don’t get to trade in our bodies. Imagine if with your wife or a spouse that the only time that you did something nice for them was when they were screaming and frustrated. Often times this is what we do with our very own body. We wait until it’s screaming at us before we do anything to take care of it. For some reason we have some weird idea that we don’t need to maintain or tune up our body.

We have been taught that exercise is the way that we take care of our body. Although many people don’t exercise because it doesn’t feel good especially at first, and it takes time & work. Exercise is great, however, you are out of an out of alignment, imbalanced, everyone is. ALL of us have had hundreds of thousands of micro traumas that our body is compensating for, and some huge macro-traumas too. So you’re out of alignment, you put your key in the car, and you start taking it for a drive – you’re putting miles on your car (are you tuning it up? no… every mile you drive you put more stress and strain wear and tear on all the all the parts this is what’s happening with people that are not getting chiropractic care. 

We have seen that people have the best results when they combine exercise & Chiropractic. At a very minimum getting adjusted once a month, and doing the things that we recommend that you do in between your visits, will help you stay in the more aligned state more often than not. Then, every move you make every step you take, will not put more wear and tear on all of your structures, joints, and tissues. This is my experiential observation as a chiropractor. This is what works, actually works. 

Chiropractic is a possibility. It creates a possibility for a change of pattern. It creates possible balance. It releases attention pattern. And the truth is is that in the next couple of days to week everybody’s gonna go back into the old but familiar pattern. Unless… You do something different. This is where I have learned self-care, and spinal care comes in. Monthly adjustments I believe are just a minimum of what people need in order to be reminded of what balance structure is and freedom of spinal movement is in their body. Then I give them homework to do in between their visits that takes a minimum of five minutes per day to help reassure that balance and movement.

When we change our understanding of what Health is, and how our body works, we begin to trust our body and understand that we need to cultivate its strength, alignment, and most importantly, the flow of the information via the nervous system and the blood so that nutrition and healing can be throughout all the structures and tissues of the body. Dr. Jen really loves to help people take the first steps of transformation listening to their body, developing a deep trust and experiencing the happiness and well-being. There is then a feeling of great reciprocity, trusting movement, being able to move, feeling the freedom to move and then to be able do the things that brings them joy in life.


Chiropractic care and physiotherapy can help alleviate pain caused by a range of conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries. By restoring proper alignment and function, these therapies can help reduce inflammation and relieve pressure on nerves, muscles, and joints.


Chiropractic care and physiotherapy can help athletes and active individuals enhance their performance. By improving mobility, reducing pain, and promoting healing, these therapies can help you do what you love & be your best!


Chiropractic care and physiotherapy can help improve mobility and range of motion. By addressing imbalances and restrictions in the joints and soft tissues, these therapies can help restore proper function and movement.


Dr. Jen employs a variety of tools to achieve the best possible outcome for her patients. She utilizes craniosacral and cranial osteopathic manipulation to evaluate and treat patients for optimum health. In addition, she employs traditional manual chiropractic adjustments to restore proper biomechanical motion of the spine, which promotes maximal function. She also incorporates non-force/low-force techniques including activator, drop table, nasal specific technique, and bio-geometric integration.


Dr. Jen Wilhelm has been offering treatment to people with her hands in heart since she was 17 years old. She utilizes a wide array of techniques that she has studied and practiced for over the last 34 years. She utilizes a combination of craniosacral, osteopathic manipulation, myofascial therapy to address the dysfunction and blockages in the human frame and structure that result from chronic stress and acute trauma that attribute to abnormal biomechanics biomechanical conditions.