About Us

Dr. Jen Wilhelm has been helping people heal for over 30 years. Her intention is to bring gentle & effective chiropractic care and empowered community group health classes to her home town, Gold Beach.

We Can Help

Consider chiropractic to ensure continuous well-being. Whether you have chronic pain or sudden injuries, we can help you get better, faster. We are committed to supporting you. We provide the effective care and teamwork to accomplish your health goals. We are happy to talk with you and provide a free phone consultation.

  • Neck Pain, Concussion and Brain Injuries
  • Low Back Pain & Disc Problems
  • Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fascitis & TMJ
  • Pregnancy & Pediatrics
  • Injury Rehabilitation

Our Method

Dr. Jen uses a combination of many effective tools to get the best results for you. She utilizes craniosacral and cranial osteopathic manipulation to assess and treat the patient for optimal health. She also utilizes the traditional manual chiropractic adjustments to restore proper bio-mechanical motion of the spine for maximal funtion.

She also uses non-force/low-force techniques such as activator, drop table and bio-geometrical integration.

Dr. Jen also uses massage therapy in her chiropractic practice which she has been doing since she was 17 years old. She uses a combination of deep tissue therapy, myo-fascial release and trigger point therapy to address the dysfunction & adhesions that occur from chronic stress and abnormal bio-mechanical conditions.

She is certified in the Webster Approach which is an effective treatment for turning breech babies and helping pregnant moms have the potential of the least invasive delivery possible.

Learn More

Dr. Jen plans to start group classes for all ages on a variety of topics including daily spinal care, gentle morning stretch routine, strong neck=strong upper back, lower back stability, have happy feet, Increased immunity through breath work, energy boost with chi-gung, healing arthritis, self massage is self-care and more!

Please stay tuned as this website continues to be built as we are just opening the center and starting to serve our community.

What They Say

"I have been to quite a few chiropractors over the years- ranging from amazing to down right scary. Even after my first appt I knew I had found the right place. Dr. Jen was friendly and warm and could answer all my questions and explain to me what the course of action for my on going low back pain. That was probably six months ago and I can't even remember the last time my low back hurt."

"She got me through my Pregnancy! I started going to the chiropractor regularly during my pregnancy to help with lower back pain. She is helping me get my strength back, and stay fully functioning even with all the funny things I do to my body while caring for my son. He loves getting adjusted too! The office is super welcoming of me bring him, which makes it so much easier for me! I always feel so good going in there! I couldn't be happier!"

"I can walk again! I started seeing Dr Jen almost 6 months ago. I basically came in to her crawling

(back spasms, bulged disc) and she not only got me walking again but has shown more commitment to my recovery than I ever expected from a service provider. As someone who has had chronic pain for 8+ years and seen handfuls of practitioners, she was the first one that ever explained the difference to me between symptom management and retracing my body back though my history of injuries to address/resolve underlying

issues. It is obvious that she is dedicated to the complete wellness of me and all of her clients and also that she really knows her stuff."

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