Gold Beach Chiropractic | Dr. Jen Wilhelm, DC


Care for the human structure, heals the human being.


Chiropractic treats the underlying cause of disease. The body heals itself. When you get a cut on your skin, it takes about seven days to heal. The deeper that you go in the body the longer that takes to heal. You can have cancer and not have any pain whatsoever. So pain is really not the best measure as whether or not you were healthy. Do you want to treat the body with Chiropractic whether it’s expressing symptoms or not. The following conditions are an expression that your body is out of alignment and needs balance restored.


Arthritis is simply the state in which our joints are inflamed. The cause of that information can be structural or chemical. Chiropractic restores the proper motion of joints, and also helps the body heal any chemical abnormalities in the tissues.


Fatigue is a sign that you’re either having less oxygenation or bloodflow occurring to the brain into the organs in the body. This is a general cause. Chiropractic is excellent at helping oxygen and blood flow be optimal in the human body 100% of my patients report that after their adjustments, they have more energy and they feel better.


Balance and equilibrium is controlled by the brain, ears, and eyes. As we get older, we have more scar tissue and adhesions that affect our nervous system. our chiropractic adjustments are superior at creating the opportunity for the nervous energy to flow freely in the body.


Is it difficult getting to sleep, or staying asleep, is your mind ruminating? All of these issues have to do with the nervous system, and the stress and strain that it’s dealing with on a subconscious and conscious level in the body. Chiropractic helps the parasympathetic nervous system balance with a sympathetic nervous system. At night your body should go into more of a parasympathetic mode: rest, DIGEST AND CELLULAR REPAIR.